Terms & Conditions

Every rider will be required to sign off on the following terms and conditions before participating in the event.

“I, the undersigned, know that The Salvation Ride is a potentially hazardous event, and attend it out of my own free will and choice. In being allowed to participate in this ride, I realize that I may be engaging in activities that involve risk of sickness, serious injury or death to myself or my heirs. I do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue The Sheboygan Area Salvation Army, its officers, directors, agents and volunteers, other participants, sponsoring businesses, government agencies, or advertisers from any and all liability to me and my heirs, for any damages or losses on account of injury or death. I will also give my permission for any pictures or video that are taken at the event to be used by The Sheboygan Area Salvation Army in their promotion and advertising materials.”

If Participant is a minor, parent or guardian must agree to terms.

“I am the legal guardian of participant, and hereby consent to his/her participation. I have read the foregoing release and indemnification agreement, and hereby agree on behalf of myself and the participant to its terms.”